​Things As They Are, Photo Essay by J Houston


August 10, 2023

Jessie Rommelt

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​Things As They Are was an exhibition by resident artist Morgan Rose Free presented March 2018.

The exhibition invites you on a reimagined walk through the city, flipping and exaggerating perceptions of the ordinary. Here, the sky is at your feet while sidewalk blocks are brought onto the wall, encouraging deliberate observation and bodily awareness. The many moods of the sky are punctuated while reclaiming the visual plane in which one would usually engage in to look down at your phone. Meanwhile, compositions of things discarded gain elevated value through a playful reimagining of material and scale. Trash becomes seductive and evocative by turning single-use plastics into precious art objects, echoing a concern for the natural environment and urging viewers to consider common detritus with permanence and agency. With an obvious reverence for the forgotten and tossed aside, Things As They Are does not present things as they actually are, but as they ought be considered; grand and beautiful.


J Houston is an Artist / photographer in Brooklyn, NY & sometimes Pittsburgh, PA.

Morgan Rose Free is a Canadian artist predominantly working in sculptural assemblage and installation.

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