Residency Open Call:
Fall 2024-2025

Bunker Projects' Free Residency Program provides an enriching environment for both local artists and visiting creatives from across the country to create new work and forge meaningful connections. By integrating studio production, public exhibition, and art publication, our residency is driven by a mission to support artists and bring vibrant, dynamic exhibitions to our ever-growing community.

This residency not only provides the time and space for artistic development but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration. As one past resident noted, "Bunker Projects created an opportunity for me to share my work with the local community and make meaningful connections with other local artists," underscoring the program's commitment to creating a supportive and interconnected environment. By participating in our residency program, artists gain the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant cultural landscape, contributing to and benefiting from the dynamic creative energy that defines Bunker Projects.

Who Should Apply?

Visual Contemporary or Multidisciplinary Artists

Visual contemporary or multidisciplinary artists who exhibit dedication and self-motivation in their art practice, are committed to cultivating a positive and productive residency experience, and are engaged or curious about the Pittsburgh creative community. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic about discussing their art practice and being actively present in the Bunker Projects community. As one past resident shared, "Bunker Projects created an opportunity for me to share my work with the local community and make meaningful connections with other local artists," highlighting the program's supportive and interconnected environment.

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Artist Agreement
Deadline for Application: Sunday, June 30th.
Application Fee: $30

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"I really like this new formula of mixing a local artist and someone from elsewhere in the residency program. It fortifies dialogue between cities and practice." 

Bunker's Residency Program Offers Studio + Housing

Bunker Projects unique facility in the Garfield Arts and Small Business District is a converted victorian walk-up apartment converted into a custom mixed-use arts space. The Bunker space includes studios, bedrooms, shared bathroom and kitchenette two galleries and studio sink/communal tool zone. Visiting artists coming from out of town are hosted as live/work residents in our shared apartment setting. Each artist has a private bedroom and a semi-private studio space.  The studio spaces can be referred to as semi-private because they are enclosed on three sides and are not fully enclosed by a door. We comfortably accommodate various painting practices as well as mixed media sculpture and some light carpentry. We have a basic selection of hand tools, drivers and a chop saw. Artists are encouraged to bring all their necessary  tools and equipment unless otherwise coordinated. There are limitations to consider in terms of materials and we are always mindful of toxicity, dust and fumes so please talk to us so we can confirm those logistics!