Symmetry of Standing in a Kitchen in Relation to a Witch in the 13th Century (camp songs)​Poetry by Andrew Allison


September 6, 2023

Jessie Rommelt

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Symmetry of Standing in a Kitchen in relation to a Witch in the 13th Century (Camp Songs) is a collection of three photographic images, one scan of a drawing and seven poems.

​I value intimacy, which means, I’m not trying to trick you. Staring at the wall is my fuckstyle. My love language is I’m in my thirties. I’m suspicious that part of me is attempting to form a religion. I may be a witch. I am alive and so are you, may we sit around the fire? Will you sing with me? Every processed and unprocessed moment. What is the experience of a crocodile’s breath? Because of multiple dimensions I’ve been run over by every car that I’ve ever seen. They say this is friendship anyway.


Clearing for the manticore
labyrinthian mountain
wooden meadow bridge
white hot thorn
to see the morning star
seer of sheathen hair
breather of bathroom tile tears
enveloper of busybody and
workshop designer
let me be the conclusion
to your corporate daydream
while worshiping through a
pane of titanium or
huffing the gas off
let me be
underwater castrator
slipping heat from burning fish

row and row

force jowel

watch face

force stone
while upperclass children
bare this house
empty of its instruments

ripping the ground
​for fading light

Two sons and a sister
waking to noticewhere my eye is pokedby a blonde soft growththe left sideof my soft,soft face
Falling into
A bed of my own apologies
How are you

Now tell me

I see you twice a week now
And I’m really interested in
Knowing the ways you hate me

The big waysss
The small wayssssI’ve avoided going to the doctor for years(This is really going well)
Fidgetor inquisitor
You were meant to be my hero
Was I meant
To be young and ingested by you

The answer is no
But maybe

How could it be
That responsibility
Could bleed into everyday

Brick and cola
Jets lits liquid rope
I’ll save a seat for you​

Taking my shirt off/at the swim meetNo worries
It’s better not to be friends

Down a gravel path
Down the side of our house
My brother and I
Push a ladder over

Long blonde hair
On smoking
Car threat
For imbecilic delight
It’s always the right time now
tinted sand

They know how to be us better

​We are pests and it makes the blood go
but our betters don’t hear
it pumping-out onto the-ground

Nylon under jeans
Surely a male says
Surprisingly exhausting
Fire escape fantasy

There they are

I have the will to live
and to call us by a name

The average way I speak is in averagesIn accordance with the camps thatpitchTheir tents at least
10 feet out in front of me
Keeping my mediocrity
On a belt

Pulling the thorning of
Out at bay

Try Shouting

said the passerby

Toxoplasma gondiiThenext
Morningshe dips her nose
into an empty container
the froster plastic one kept by the stairs
She hears a wave
Of crickets
Storming their way up a brick wall

She hears the jogger’s spit as thunder

I couldn’t hear the ocean through speaker-

The basket’s shadow
Is smaller than it could be
Inferring that the past is one quick nap away

The showered has exploded

Somewhere between a tap and pop
In my vent
My face to be
An infant in an aphid nest

Man-sized poster to
Remind us of the infinite

This corner

Six muscles bulge
As do cut green hoses
In big blue houses
Just as the basement chill
That breaks me
By a windowed night

One day you will forget to be miserable

The busy of performing for a
Family of vampires
In soaking
For love
I am much younger than
I should
The father fears children
More than his thoughts
on empathy
What I do
What will gifted want
When abundnace falls
Like broken name
Or shadowed haunt
All bash
All save
All full of grace
Bearing down on
An approximate face


Object/ look at me

I remember catching
My ankle hairs
In your trampoline

You regarded this as comedy
As I broke out and bled


Let’s go back for a moment
Let’s go back for a moment
Let’s go back for a moment
Let’s go back for a moment

Please look at me
In the shits,

~The Porch Pillow
Of Boston Massachusetts

Andrew W. Allison is an American multidisciplinary artist, poet and experimental musician, born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Pittsburgh. Through intuitive sculptural installations, handmade mixed media objects, paintings, poetry, drawing and sound, Allison considers to what extent our obligation is to connect, not only with ourselves but with all entities around us. He examines how our environments, traumas, and objects shape our understanding and need for symbolic forms and spirituality. Allison began making things early on in order to engage with his experiences with night terrors. He graduated with an MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2013 and has shown nationally throughout the United States, in places and events such as: The Pittsburgh Biennial (PA), Field Project (NYC), Bunker Projects (PA), Wallplay (NYC), Space Gallery (PA) and The Carnegie Museum of Art (PA).

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