Lucia Riffel

Loc Hhyun

Jen Cooney

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Loc Huynh (b. 1992, Austin, TX) graduated with a BFA from Texas State University in 2016 and an MFA from the University of North Texas in 2020. Huynh has held solo exhibitions at the Museum of the Southwest (Midland, TX), Martha’s (Austin, TX), Inman Gallery (Houston, TX) and New Release Gallery (New York). 

Lucia Riffel (they/she) is an installation and animation artist who navigates the space between physical, digital, and psychological realms in their interdisciplinary practice. 

Jen Cooney Creative entity, artist, extraordinaire, born unto the world in 1981 just been trying to make living tolerable by creating “ART”, they Got and continues to get lots of learning and experience, In the words of Johnny 5 “input!”